How to be a Poor Sport When Playing Backgammon

There are some actions and words that we say and do that may seem harmless when we do say them in backgammon. They might be well intended for all we know, but if we're not familiar with the culture in a backgammon game then those little quips might be seen as rude, poor etiquette, or bad sportsmanship.

Here are a few things that we do or say that are classified as poor etiquette. Take note of these would easily brand us as the poor sport in the club. Some of these will seem fine but after being familiar with backgammon culture you'll soon find out that they are indeed perceived as being a poor sport.

First in our list of inappropriate behavior will deal with the issue of luck. Tell your opponents that they are incredibly lucky today. That will surely be a one way ticket to insult. It only goes to show that you don't really know the game or that you're such poor sport. The fact of the matter is that being able to position your checkers correctly will no doubt prepare you for a lot of unfortunate rolls.

The second item in our list is related to the first one. Whenever your opponent makes a bad roll be sure to say something about. One rule of etiquette in this game is to never comment on any roll made by either backgammon player. In fact, no one really has any control on what numbers will one player get from the dice.

Next would be rolling your dice even if your opponent has picked up his. There are those over excited backgammon players who just can't wait. Rolling your dice too early in the turn will give rise to questions as to the legality of your roll. It also rushes your opponent when making moves.

The next item is related the previous one. Handle the cube and check out your opponent's reactions. If you do so, you can be charged of cheating. This doesn't only show you're a poor sport but is also good way to get kicked out of the club.

Related to the previous couple of items is to play really slow, even on such simple decisions early in the game. There are times when a backgammon player should take time to decide on a matter but early in the game when decisions are quite mechanical, it would only take a matter of seconds to decide on your move.

One last bit is to say "good game" after every single game in the match. Not only is this irritating but it can be interpreted as sarcasm. Backgammon players ought to congratulate the winner at the end of the match not on every single game.

This is how be a poor sport when playing backgammon. These are seemingly harmless words or deeds but they show how much of a poor sport you are.