Optimal Moves for Backgammon Opening Rolls

When we talk about backgammon opening rolls we deal with a very disciplined portion of the game. Each of the 15 opening rolls has a recommended optimal move. We have listed the said optimal moves for the opening rolls below.

The 3-1 opening is the best opening roll you can get in backgammon. The right way to play the 3-1 opening roll is 8/5 6/5, which makes the five-point on your own home board.

The 4-2 opening makes the four-point on your home board. The move for this opening is 8/4 6/4. Strategically, this opening roll second best compared to the 3-1.

The 6-1 opening lets you take the bar-point by playing 13/7 8/7. You are making a small prime given this opening roll. However, this opening roll still isn't as strategic as a 4-2 or a 3-1 opening in backgammon.

The 5-3 opening roll isn't the strongest in this class of backgammon openings but still gives the same advantages. The move for this opening is 8/3 6/3, which covers your three-point on your own home board.

The 6-3 opening roll will have you split your back checkers and brings down a builder from the mid-point. The move for this opening roll is 24/18 13/10.

The 6-2 opening roll follows the logic for the 6-3. The only difference is where your builder will land on the outer table. The move for this opening roll in backgammon is 24/18 13/11.

The 5-1 opening roll will have you split your back checkers on the 24-point and places a builder on a fairly safe area. The move for this opening roll is 13/8 24/23.

The 4-1 opening roll follows the idea for the 5-1 opening with a minor change in landing place for your builder. The move for this opening roll is 13/9 24/23, which is really quite similar to the 5-1 opening.

The 2-1 opening roll also follows suit with the 5-1 backgammon opening. The move for this is 13/11 24/23, which is really safe considering the probabilities.

The 5-4 opening roll is played as 13/8 24/20 in backgammon. This is another split back checkers and build from the mid-point type of opening roll.

The 5-2, as you might have guessed, follows the logic for the 5-4. The move for this backgammon opening is 13/8 24/22.

The 4-3 opening roll gives you two options. Your first one is 13/9 24/21 and your second is 13/10 24/20. Both options give you three blots on the backgammon board, which is quite a risk to take.

The 3-2 opening roll also gives you two options. You can choose to play conservatively by moving 13/11 24/21 or you can make a bold play through 13/10 13/11.

Playing the 6-4 backgammon opening is done by 24/14 running a checker to virtual safety. The 6-5 opening roll also follows the same idea only that it is safer by moving 24/13.

These are your backgammon opening rolls. The opening roll is a disciplined part of the game.