Development of Computer Backgammon

Backgammon is fast becoming a popular amusement game worldwide. From its noble beginnings to being a computer backgammon game it has always amused people from all walks of life.

Backgammon first appeared in the amusement accessories of Middle Eastern royalties about 3000-5000 years BC, according to recorded history. Although there are also records of ordinary people playing the board game, it was often a favorite past time among the nobilities.

Computer backgammon can trace its beginnings back in 1970 when Hans Berliner was in a dispute on a gaming computer backgammon technology and composed a rebuttal in one of his writings that would later on be the basis for computer backgammon. It was a bit sketchy at that time. But further improvements led to the development of a groundwork for a computer backgammon beginning. Finally in 1979, the computer backgammon software began to take form. Humans could actually play against a worthy virtual opponent backed intellectually by a computer. The computer backgammon software was first tried against a certain world backgammon champion, Luigi, then and the computer backgammon program actually won overwhelmingly.

Back then, almost everybody felt that a great amount of luck was involved in the winnings of the computer backgammon software, the dice being a major determiner of the computer backgammon's lucky winnings. But gradually through the years, more computer backgammon enthusiasts understood the role of programmed strategies rather than luck in dice results in the overwhelming wins of computer backgammon software. Then in 1980 computer backgammon software winnings began to be attributed more on computer neural works than on dice luck.

So everybody became excited about talks on neural skills of computer backgammon software. Later, IBM started making computer backgammon software that can really perform at expert level. More improvements finally confirmed the computer backgammon software equal with the best human players.

As time went by and more computer backgammon improvements were done, two computer backgammon programs emerged: Jellyfish and Snowie. Snowie appears to be the more popular computer backgammon program today. Actually, the programs were more than just playing computer backgammon excellently against human players; they also helped human players compose new computer backgammon strategies as these players analyze their own strategies when they pitted themselves with the computer backgammon programs.

Finally in July 1992, with the first backgammon server introduced, online computer backgammon games was launched worldwide pitting humans against computers and humans against humans in a virtual backgammon session room.

Traditional or computer backgammon, this amusement game never fails to amuse peoples from all over.