A Book About Backgammon Player Neil Kazaross

When we are asked to name poker players, thousands and thousands of names come to our minds. That is because the popularity of poker has resulted to the emergence of thousands and thousands of poker players. And aside from the poker players that we see in casinos or we watch at major poker tournaments, there are still those that can be called poker fans. Poker fans do not participate in major poker tournaments or they do not play professional poker, but nevertheless, they regularly watch professional poker events. And just like professional poker players, there are also thousands and thousands of them.

Perhaps this could not be said as far as backgammon is concerned. Backgammon is also a popular casino game. However, it is not as popular as the game of poker. When we are asked to name backgammon players, not even hundreds of backgammon players would come to our minds. However, although there are only a few popular backgammon players, some of them are known all over the world. And one of these popular professional backgammon players is Neil Kazaross.

According to a survey, Neil Kazaross ranks as the second most popular professional backgammon player in the whole world, Nack Ballard being the first. However, there was a point in his backgammon career that he had been listed in Kent Goulding's International Rating List as the world's best player. At the Bar Point Club located in Chicago, Illinois, Neil Kazaross was recognized as Player of the Year five times. His achievements in the backgammon industry also include victories from his participation in the American Backgammon Tour. He is also not only famous for his stellar backgammon skills, but he is also famous as a backgammon analyst who writes articles, provides live commentaries, and conducts seminars about the game.

With such contributions to the world of professional backgammon, it is not surprisingly that there are authors who are interested in writing a book about him. As a matter of fact, his fellow professional backgammon players Danny Kleinman and Antonio Ortega have always admired the way Neil Kazaross plays that they have been inspired to write a book about him.

The backgammon book "Backgammon With the Giants: Neil Kazaross" analyzes several backgammon matches of Neil Kazaross. Of course, Kleinman and Ortega talk about the admirable skills of Neil Kazaross in this book, but aside from that, they also talk about the errors that he and his opponents committed at those games. Kleinman and Ortega successfully discuss the errors as they inspire readers on how to perfect such plays.

Before such backgammon book was released in bookstores, Neil Kazaross was given the chance to review the draft and comment on the contents that needed to be edited or maintained, making it a credible backgammon book.