Backgammon Online: Some Words You Need to Learn

The introduction of backgammon online is a nice twist to this particular board game that has been played by many people during the early years (with a particular interesting version that was discovered to exist in 3,000 BC when the world was still young).

Simple as can be with its presentation, and pretty easy to learn immediately, it is possible that you would entirely love playing the backgammon (online version) with utmost pleasure.

But, how can you enjoy it if you aren't that well-versed with the usual words that are used in this game? How would you be able to engage in it with confidence against an opponent if you think that you would be groping in the dark, trying so hard to comprehend the word or words you will be encountering in tournament play or its regular playing features?

Don't worry, help is on the way. You can actually learn these things quick if you take a look at some of the words that we have gathered for you below.

Ready? Good. Let's move on now to the few usual words used in the manner of phraseology of this game.

* Bye No, this doesn't mean goodbye. Rather, it is actually an award, and - specifically - refers to the player's position, making a go-ahead to the next round, with the absence of having to play an actual match.

Typically, this occurs in an initial elimination process in order to make those players moving ahead narrowed down to two (2) people.

* Draw This particular word is used in determining the pairing of players (taken in random order) that will be able to garner byes in order to advance to the next round.

* Eject This is a move or option of a particular player to leave an ace-point game so that the player will not lose a gammon (or double game) or a backgammon (also referred to as a triple game) match.

* Shot When a participant rolls the dice, and garners the chance to hit a blot of the enemy, this situation or action is called shot.

* Take To take is to "accept a double" or allow the continuation of the game even with the stakes placed at a higher level after the enemy offers to make a double (on the previous stakes made).

* Wash When a player opts to wash, this means that an attempt to hit an opposing blot is made by opting for settlement.

* Settlement This simply means ending the game earlier. In this situation, the settlement of payment for points - based on the position - is made.

So, having read those words, do you think that you are now ready to play backgammon online? Well, these are just a few of the usual terms involved in this game. So, we would suggest that you search some more words before you take your chances.